Cryptocurrency trading is quite a difficult business that requires certain knowledge and skills. A trader must constantly monitor the state of the market, it takes a lot of time, patience, and one wrong step can lead to large losses. But not so long ago there was a game that you can earn, and cryptocurrency is used to earn. And during it you just need to fight monsters, and for this digital tokens are credited to the e-wallet. And this game is called Axie Infinity. But before you get started, you should take a detailed look at the NFT platform.

What is Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a collectible blockchain game. Its inhabitants are virtual animals Aksi. And the literal translation of this game means infinity.

This project has been supported by major popular companies and corporations, as well as Binance and Samsung. The full list is on the game’s official website.

Aksi characters are NFT tokens. And the developers point out that, despite the fact that they have a nice appearance, they are full of insecurity, these characters really like to fight, to fight. The main characters inhabit the world that the developers called Lunacia.

Axi Classes

The developers have created a colorful Axis Infiniti marketplace, which includes a huge number of characters (tokens). All of them are divided into classes, and each of them has certain positive features.

Axi Classes:

  • Beasts. These include warriors who can inflict serious damage. But they have low health;
  • Plants. They are endowed with high health, they can heal. But they have a significant disadvantage – the plants move very slowly;
  • Insects. These characters have a high duration of life energy. And also they have high accuracy of blows. But in terms of strength, they are inferior to other species of Aksi;
  • Птицы. They are the fastest tokens. But they have a low level of health, weak fighting power;
  • Reptiles. They differ in speed, survivability. However, they have a reduced level of force;
  • Водоплавающие. The heroes can boast of excellent speed and good health. But they have a downside – low accuracy and impact strength.

The official website provides a full overview of Axie Infinity, and it also states that cryptocurrency is used during the gameplay. The NFT platform allows you to relax, have fun and make good money. But still it is important to approach the process responsibly, do not recklessly perform different actions, it can lead to large losses.

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