Overview of The Sevens NFT Platform
In today’s world, when every aspect of life is somehow faced with data digitization, object identification is important. And protecting uniqueness was a huge challenge. This problem was resolved in 2017 with the first appearance of non-fungible tokens.


Blockchains that provide complete information about the chain of transactions, including values ​​and owners, provide transparency and protection against fraud. In turn, a blockchain consisting of units of non-fungible tokens or simply NFTs improve the protection system due to the uniqueness of their tokens. Such elements of virtual protection are at the heart of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Monero. And they are also a protective signature of the performer in such areas as:

  • Music;
  • Games;
  • Pictures and images.

Where to find

There are platforms for finding unique, verified and secured digital products. Among which it is worth highlighting the sevens . Here you can trade, find the necessary or create nft, and it is also easy to find it on social networks. In the catalog you can find categories the sevens nft :

  • New;
  • Fine art;
  • Music;
  • Domain names;
  • Trading cards;
  • Virtual worlds;
  • Collections;
  • Sports.


NFT platform the sevens runs on the Ethereum blockchain which is great for decentralized online services that operate on the basis of smart contracts. The property of a smart contract is that, when launched on the blockchain, it is like a standalone computer program that allows the code to run accurately without the possibility of third-party interference, censorship, downtime, or fraud. The platform operates on its own service token, which is used for many purposes in the system the sevens .


Pictures or images attract more attention than text, they are easier to read, brighter and better remembered. A juicy and effective logo or print will remain in your memory for a long time.

Under the influence of oriental culture, prints based on pop culture, anime, games came into fashion. Various memes and films did not go unnoticed. That made it possible for the representatives of the art to show their capabilities and unique vision. Images of this kind are widely used not only for fans, but also for ordinary people who are not left indifferent by the colorful design.

the sevens over 7000 unique aesthetic objects are already presented. But the creation of interesting, colorful and recognizable images does not end there.

Review and feedback the sevens, can be found on social media Twitter, Discord and Instagram. Join, create and earn with us.

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