Appearance of  NFT – tokens  in open digital markets  and trading platform only 2  maximum  3 years  ago  now  became  the mainstream news of  all  crypto industry all round the World.  Every week we see   that new NFT project came out to the public. One of the very interesting NFT project is World of Women. It installed nearly new standards in crypto ecosystems.

The key factor stipulated the popularity tokens of this platform that is attractive for celebrities, actors and actress, from many countries. Only 6-7 month from start date, the NFT sales all capitalization of issued tokens reach amount 137 million dollars.

Brief Tokenomics

This NFT – platform initially was launched in July of 2021 year. The all NFT collection consist of 10 000 tokens featured as digital art style image of women.  Each token has uncial characteristics like that – age, hire dress, clothes etc. All about 45 digital parameters took in to account.

The start price of tokens was established at 0.07 ETH. But the current moment the minimum price of tokens estimated around 5-7 ETH for each one.

The team of project World of Women headed by Ms. Yam Karkai (painter) recently (i.e. couple of days ago) hired talented and famous music entrepreneur Hay Osiry to implement the NFT tokens in different formats except the traditional image icons. Proposed to make NFT – token   in formats like that – music, video, films and cartoons, video games and also stunning consumer goods.

Partners and cooperation

It’s necessary to remark that Osiry before join the NFT platform World of Women has made some successful projects for like this world – known persons and collectives as: “U2” music group, Madonna, “Red Hot Chili Peppers” command and others. The NFT tokens from World of Women in private collections have actress Evae Longoria, Shonda Rimes (producer of “Anatomy of passion”).

Moreover – the NFT project World of Women have partnership with many other crypto platforms and teams like  – “Boss Beauties”, “Marvel”, “NFT Fierce”, “MoonPay” and etc.

How the holder of NFT tokens from World of Women may gain from investments?

In general, the collectors can use to get more profits from NFTs:

  • earn on protocol fees;
  • earnings on trading fees as a liquidity provider;
  • earn on stablecoins using tokens as collateral for a loan.

In addition in this overview, users can pool their issued tokens in automatic market makers (AMMs). It’s kind of like online auctions like “Sushiswap” or “OpenSea” to create a liquid market for trading and sharing with other users. When liquidity and trading volume are determined, then in this case the NFT-backed token is valued at a fixed trade. This is how its “minimum price” is determined.

In general, summarizing, we can say that the World of Women NFT –token platform project, which review in this article being made, deserves some attention. Naturally, this is more suitable for long-term investments than for short-term speculation.

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