Cryptocurrency platform “Bored Monkey Yacht Club”, in another interpretation something like “Bored Monkey Yacht Club”, is a trading crypto network formed on the basis of the Ethereum ERC20 blockchain ecosystem protocol. A limited pool of N.F.T. tokens was issued (issued) on it. relevant topics. It currently consists of 10,000 avatars (digital images) of monkeys, which brought about 770 million USD in revenue to the creators and developers of the platform, in 2021 alone. (according to the analytical data of the NFT Crypto.Slam service).
The platform was created in April 2021. The headquarters of the developers and owners of the platform is New York USA.
In a general sense Bored ARE Yacht club N.F.T. – these are not just random images of monkeys, but favorite NFTs – avatars of athletes, musicians and other “celebrities” on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
Purchasing and owning NFT tokens from the Bored Monkey Yacht Club provides its members with exclusive benefits. The very first of which is unlimited customized access to the “Bathroom”. This is a kind of collaborative digital graffiti functional pool where users can draw, draw or write whatever they like. Any registered user can do it, according to the official website of this platform
An NFT “non-fungible token” is a technology based on a “block chain” or blockchain that guarantees the authenticity of a file in a digital (crypto) format.The customer, in this case a monkey avatar, gets a unique version of this image. No two monkeys are the same, they are all unique and have their own collectible value.
Buying a Bored Monkey is not just buying an avatar or a unique crypto asset, it is a way of investing. The cost of “bored ape yacht club” tokens has grown at an impressive rate, reaching tens and even hundreds of percent interest income.
The initial cost of tokens from the club on the airdrop was 0.08ETH. Now the cheapest such avatar with a monkey costs about 49 ETH, or about 200 thousand US dollars. Transactions for the Yacht Club token are mainly carried out on the Open auction site. Sea. There is also the possibility of acquiring it on crypto exchanges, for example, using the section or option bored are binance club, on the Binance crypto exchange.
As evidence of the demand for tokens, a short list of their owners with millions of fans and fans can be given. For example, NBA player Stephen Curry, DJ Steve Aoki, and rapper Post Malone, among others, promote avatars on their social networks.
In general, summarizing what has been said, the review of the bored are yacht club project, which is given in this article, deserves some attention from long-term investors in cryptocurrency projects. The presence of at least a couple of other N.F.T tokens from the Yacht Club in it can not only reduce risks for the general pool of assets, but also increase its value several times over a horizon of at least 3-5 years.

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